ITEM YCN-5016~YCN-100060
Capacity 3.5-25 mm
Length 1600-6000 mm
Pressure 50-1000 Tons
Stroke 250-350 mm
Muitple Languages Screen

CNC/ DA-65W System On Windows Functions:

  1. European DELEM multi-axis controller. Workpiece and tooling are displayed in color graphics.
  2. Automatic workpiece length calculation.
  3. Graphical simulation of bending sequences. Display of workpiece profiles before and after bending.
  4. Automatic tonnage output calculation and adjustment.
  5. Programmable back gauge retreat.
  6. Programmable pressing speed and pressure-holding time.
  7. Equipped with European optical scales. Accuracy of repeat positioning is±0.01mm.
  8. Automatically calculate daylight and the distance of slow speed point.
  9. Various angles, including arc, can be accomplished by the same set of tooling.
  10. Each program contains 17 bends. All programs can be interconnected.
  11. Graphic display of punch and die. Storage capacity 2MB.
  12. Automatic adjustment of table deflection according to angular tolerance.
  13. Precision sectional dies and punches, each marked with length and angle to make tool selection easy.
  14. Back gauge travel under 500mm with speed of 200mm/sec.
  15. Automatic R axis adjustment according to height of lower die or other request.
  16. Multi-language controller, with English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional & simplified) available.
  17. German HOERBIGER hydraulic circuit. Y1 and Y2 are controlled by proportion servo valve, or adjusted independently.
  18. Easy operation with Manual, Automatic and Step-by-step modes.
  19. Basic Windows functions, 2 sets of USB interface.


  1. European DELEM multi-axis controller control Single or Tandem movement of two Press Brakes.
  2. Add IC board to Electrical control box to control Tandem movement.
  3. Adopting analog magnetic switch enables simultaneous movement at slow speed.
  4. Proceeding workpiece length from 8,000mm to 15,000mm.
  5. Tandem machine working efficiency equal to two Press Brakes, saving manufacturing time and raising productivity.
  6. Hydraulic crowning compensation system.