Human-machine interface controller (OPTIONAL)

Electromagnetic Human-machine interface controller (OPTIONAL)

Scratchproof plastic wheel (OPTIONAL)

Two step automatic back sheet support system [Scratchproof plastic device] (OPTIONAL)

Heavy-duty roller blanking device (OPTIONAL) (Suitable for thickness more than 10mm)

Back gauge guiding mechanism (STANDARD)

Automatic pneumatic scrap collector (Open) (OPTIONAL)

Automatic pneumatic scrap collector (Close) (OPTIONAL)

Electromagnetic material support (OPTIONAL)

Shearing action sensor (OPTIONAL)

Stacking flap mechanism (OPTIONAL)

Fixed right and left side stacking correcting flapper (OPTIONAL)

Movable right and left side stacking correcting flapper (OPTIONAL)

Twistproof system:

  • To balance the main pressure and the cushion force, to make the shearing operation more smoothly, the shearing section more flat, and working more efficiently.
  • Hydraulic System (Twisproof system)