B2 Perfect part synchrony

Productivity, innovation, efficiency:
three records in bending

Over the last forty years Salvagnini has been offering solutions that are true innovative “records”. This occurred in the sixties when Salvagnini showed it was ahead of its time by adopting the concepts of lean manufacturing, developing automatic and totally flexible processing systems.

It also happened when Salvagnini designed a totally automatic press-brake cell run by a single controller and a single program. And it’s happening again today, with three great innovation records that are changing the world of press braking.

ESIT: intelligent energy is only activated when it’s needed, saving money

All B2 presses can be equipped with the ESIT energy savings system, an efficient system that only uses the power required by the process, switching to stand-by during cell/cycle or tool changes.

While drastically reducing consumption with energy savings from 40 to 70%, ESIT also makes the system quiet, reduces mechanical stress and improves machine productivity.