S4Xe Punching-shearing center

Productivity, flexibility, efficiency: the three strong points of the punching-shearing center S4Xe

The S4Xe punching-shearing center guarantees high performance and process efficiency.

S4Xe is a highly flexible, productive and automatic system that ensures the most efficient material management, processing nests without holding scrap and reducing waste to a minimum.

The S4Xe punching-shearing center is a winning solution even when working in line with Salvagnini P4 panel benders.

Thanks to the sophisticated control techniques and digital communications protocol, S4Xe is extremely precise with rapid movements and guarantees astonishing product quality.

Multi-press head and integrated shear

Automatic store that feeds the machine with single blanks for sequential production of different parts

Punch & Cut function

No holding scrap

No manual handling and total safety